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The source of the DBD is an association of small and medium sized design, decoration and furniture industry and manufacturers, mainly with their original base in Germany. With a total workforce of some 7800,it is one of Europe’s biggest entities. DBD has offices in Germany, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.
With a credential and diverse group of interior designers, project managers, engineers and material experts, DBD is a multi-disciplinary, and design offering services. DBD is encompassing all aspects of interior design, decoration, office furniture, exhibition and shop fitting.
Our strengthen has given us a unique position on it’s market: more than 10 years construction experience in China; Grade One Construction License; Grade A Design License; Own workshop and own labour; Good relationship with the local government; A solid company with strong partners; Excellent contract & financial reputation.
We are passionately committed to teamwork, quality, creativity, integrity, the aggressive pursuit of new ideas and building environmental responsibility.



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