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-preparations for project (interior design/decoration project) in advance
-responsibility in bidding and contract negotiation
-taking charge of the whole construction management
-working independently in monitoring the progress, expense, quality and security of the project
-maintaining good relationship with owner or contractor(key customer), such as design institute and engineering company
-continuously improve the customer satisfaction through the strategic and tactical methods.
-team build & improve
-implementation of disciplines


-above 30 years old
-at lease 5 years working experience
-good coordination, negotiation and execution ability
-strong leadership and multicultural background
-management skill & great communication


-minimum 3 years experience in Corporate Design
-good space planning skills with a flair in selection of materials & finishes
-ability to provide full documentation package
-knowledge and competent use of AutoCad software
-camille Wang (Student Support Officer, China Centre)

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